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Most of our Android or iOS mobile devices come with an inbuilt media player for playing our files. But these apps are short of some features which may not allow the user to play all types of files. So, here we are again brought you VLC media player which ensures you all-round survival media player.

You could be using any of the media players for your android or iOS devices. Some of your devices might have provided with some inbuilt media players and some may not. But those inbuilt apps might restrict you to some features only. The VLC media player comes with most of the features that are much beneficial to the users. These features ensure better media playing and complete comfort to the user. Besides this great media playing app is a cross-platform network and works on all types of platforms.

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VLC App Info

App NameVLC v3.1.9
App SizeWindows (38 MB), Mac (33 MB), Android (24 MB), iOS (56 MB)
App DeveloperVideoLAN
Type.apk (Media Player)
Available in48+ languages

Enjoy the Entertainment

Picture in Picture Support

Now watch your favorite movies, vidoes and unlimited music while using another app at a time with VLC's picture in picture feature

Platform integration

Now, available on android, iOS and windows platform with unlimited integration and fast user interface enabled.

Bluetooth access

Can play vidoes and mp4's, mp3's now with your favorite and updated bluetooth headsets.


Flag notices

Sends a notification when un-appropriate or corrupted video file founds in the device before it causes harm to the mobile

Edit notifications

You, can choose what ever notification you wanna get from the device no unwanted stuff from now !!!

Cloud Services

Get all the storage of your music and movies now be safe on our cloud services launched on limited devices for beta.

Download VLC Player

For any of your devices that could either be an android or an iOS version of your device, you will just have to go through the download and the install phase.

  • In this download phase, you will just have to go through the few steps to complete the process.
  • Open any of the web browsers that are available on your device. And in the search tab, type in the URL of the VLC app file.
  • You can indeed use the link provided by us.
  • The download process may take a few minutes to complete depending on the speed of your internet network.
  • Wait till it downloads completely and does not interrupt in between.
  • You will be notified once the download process completes.

After the acompletion of the download process, you can proceed with the installation process. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

Requirements to Download VLC Media Player

Before going for the download process you will be needing a few important requirements mentioned below.

  • First of all, you must need an active internet connection that would ensure your fast downloading process. Maintain it to be a bit fast and active throughout.
  • You will also need the play store or the app store when you want the app to be downloaded from these. Make sure that the store is properly installed and updated.
  • You will also need a browser that would support the downloading process when you are intending to download an app file. Also, make sure that the browser is actively in use. You can use the one which is your favorite.
  • Finally, you will also have to change the settings of your device. Make sure that your privacy settings are enabled. To do so you will have to go through your settings and then to the privacy and security section. Finally, go to the unknown sources and enable it.

Make sure that all of the requirements mentioned above are available with you and follow the below-mentioned process to complete the download and installation process.

How Do I Install The Downloaded File?

After finding the downloaded file, you can directly find it under the notification area or can get it just by going through your download section of the file manager.

  • You will first have to find it and then click on it. This would take you to the installation page.
  • You can that the installation process is going on. You will have to click on the install button and ignore the cancel button.
  • It may take some time to install the app properly. Wait for it install properly. Do not interrupt in between as it may not work properly later.
  • Finally, the app gets installed and you can find the app icon on your mobile screen.

In this way, you can install the app and use it for free. Most of you prefer the direct app from the play store over the apk app. But let me tell me you both of them are possible and are safe to use.

Features of the VLC Media Player

Below mentioned are the important features of a VLC player that one must observe.

  • VLC is one of the most popular cross-platform networks that supports all types of media files. You can play any type of video file or an audio file. The beauty of the app is that it supports both audio and video files.
  • This simple app supports all types of platforms, you could be downloading it any of your devices like a PC, a mobile phone that could android or iOS.
  • The app also works on all types of packaged files. This app lets you play even an unfinished file, a downloading file and could be a trash file. It supports all such features.
  • You can also be working with the VLC media player either by directly downloading it on your device or could use the one that is available on your Flash drive.
  • This player also supports features like the split-screen, revolve, distort, mirror video clips and also the logo inclusion, etc.
  • This app allows the user to compress their audio or video files while using them for different purposes.
  • The app also plays all types of weird audio files without any external supports. You can use this player to play all types of audio files.
  • Also, the features provided by this app are absolutely for free. You do not use even a penny to get access to them.

How to Download VLC Using The Store?

Downloading the VLC app directly using the play store or the app store. To download it for any of your android or iOS device, just you will have to go through the steps mentioned below.

  • First, unlock your mobile device and go to the play store on your android device or App Store on your iOS device.
  • Now in this app, go search for the VLC media player using the search tab.
  • You will now be presented with the app, you can find an install button next to the app logo. Click on it and your download will start in a few seconds.
  • It may take some time to download the app and it will automatically install itself. You don’t have to do it separately.
  • In a few minutes, you can see the downloaded app on your screen.

In this way, you can download it for free and use it. Next, you will have to go through the app to check for the features. You can now enjoy all the cool features provided by the app.

Why APK file Over the App ?

You can be using the direct app downloaded from the play store, but that direct app may not be working properly on all types of mobile devices. This simple apk would work just like any other VLC app also ensures the working on all types of devices.

This apk has a lesser number of bugs and all the other fixations are made properly for the better experience of the users. You can use this app on your PC, laptop, Mac, Android, IOS and other platforms without any interruptions. We will be providing you a detailed guide on both the downloading processes that are using the play store or the app store and the other one is directly a mod apk. But before going to the downloading process, let us quickly know about the features and the requirements to download the app.

Final Words

Keeping these pointers in mind, you can either opt for a direct app or an app as you wish. Both have their own pros and cons. Hope this article is quite useful for all of you. Thank you!

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