Top & Best VLC Player Alternatives for Android & iOS

VLC Player Alternatives

VLC has always its name in the best open source video players. It is sophisticated and featured enough to satisfy the requirements of PC owners, Android lovers and iOS users. It also has a great workability on Windows phone because of the advanced features embedded. However, sometimes the application does create a certain level of dissatisfaction because of which you might look up at VLC alternatives. VLC occupies more space and has a rigid pattern.  The best media player has great competitors ahead. Let’s know the them through the article –

Top VLC Alternatives

  • RealPlayer Cloud

Instead of watching videos in a typical PC, you can rather share your favourite content on cloud network and do things that no other media player would allow. RealPlayer Cloud allows bookmarking and simplifies quality of everything that you want to watch and listen. It is one of the best alternatives for VLC player if you want something more than the basic.

  • GOM media player

The straightforward media player is one of the best alternatives for VLC with wide range of videos and audios formats supported. It has different features that can help you to execute a wide range of tasks. Also, it has a smooth user interface and built in support for AVI, mov, and KVI and FLV. Customising the application also remains one reason why you would be considering the GOM Player instead of impressive VLC.

  • DivX player

The media player is not just an ordinary platform for playing your video and audio content. It is much more than VLC and any other Similar application. If you think that VLC is not providing sufficient support for high quality videos, choose divX media player that can handle formats in AVI MKV and MP4. it is handy and comes with advanced features specially to provide high quality entertainment content.

  • Media Player Classic

Good alternative for VLC media player has a minimalistic design and wide range of support for different file formats. Experience the best of entertainment with the efficient media player that can play heavy files apart from having Extension and plugins.

Final words

Sometimes, VLC media player keeps getting crashed because of Technical errors. Further, lack of support might result in constant glitches. Look up for the best VLC media player alternative and make your life hassle-free and entertained forever. Download the free VLC media player alternative today and do share your opinion with us.

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